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Hypnotherapist, Hypnobirthing Coach, 

Workshop Facilitator & Speaker

Karen’s consults and workshops are all about mind and body health for busy women seeking calm and confidence and a sense of freedom and purpose in their lives. 

Karen's skill is giving her clients a space to express what’s on top for them and intuitively guide them to discover their inner strength and confidence to face their challenges and make positive change. Clients leave sessions fully understood, empowered and uplifted. 

Karen is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and sees women, kids and teens to help them release and let go of anxiety, stress and overwhelm, limiting beliefs and helps them set purposeful goals and align their mindset using various hypnotherapy techniques. She also works with energy awareness and has techniques to reduce anxieties, panic and restlessness in mind, body and soul. 

Karen is a hypnobirthing birth coach passionate about women gaining confidence, through having the knowledge and tools, to navigate pregnancy and birth, reducing pain in labour, as well as to heal after birth, with ease. Karen’s hypnobirthing sessions cover reducing fears and anxieties, breathing techniques, positive mindset practice and powerful visualisation exercises. Karen also sells a small homeopathic birth kit with full instructions to assist women through birthing. 

In addition, Karen enjoys coaching clients through a detox and weight loss programme, The Body Freedom Plan, which comes with a homeopathic weight loss spray (homeopathic HCG) and menu plan.  

Recently Karen has become an affiliate marketer. If you are wanting to create a biz online, then message Karen to find out more.

Dip. Alpha Clinical Hypnotherapy

Cert. Hypnotherapthy Counselling skills

Dip. Homeopathy

New Zealand College of Midwifery (NZCOM) Consumer Representative Wellington 2018-19

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Level 1

Reiki Level 1

Familiar with the Emotion code and prescribing Bach flower Essences