Hypnotherapy visualisation

Hypnotherapy Visualisation is essentially

guided visualisation and focused intention.

It allows access to the subconscious mind where our emotional beliefs are stored. Using Hypnotherapy we can suggest positive change and make significant changes to help you feel empowered in your thoughts, actions and every day reality!


Check out FAQs about hypnotherapy and what it’s like if this is brand new to you.


Who’s it for?

· women who are overwhelmed

· women who are anxious

· women with family +job +a side business they are juggling

· women who feel stuck

· women you need to let go of something

· women seeking purpose or clarity

· women who just want more out of life!


What does it include?

· Grounding exercises

· Personalised hypnotherapy scripts

· Session summary notes

· Wellness advice

How you will feel?

· Supported & Understood, Heard & Safe

· Prepared & equipped, Aware of your triggers

· Motivated & Inspired


Why you should do it?

· Because you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain

· It’s jolly hard to figure out everything yourself

· How many more years do you want to feel like this with no change?

· Will you let fear drive your life?

· What’s stopping you?

This is an investment into not only your life but those around you through the ripple effect, what you do is the catalyst of positive change, helping others around you indirectly.

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My Specialties

Strategies for Anxieties, Stress & Overwhelm.

An easy, relaxing, empowering way to move through your anxieties and gain calm and centeredness.

Kick Your Limiting Beliefs

Align your mind and get rid of limiting beliefs and visualise your goals and dreams easily and effortlessly.

Focus on Your Purpose

Step through the fears/challenges and set you mind on your crystal clear purpose with a powerful visualisation to achieve your success.

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Releasing Anger

Using the Timeline technique, we can release the anger and emotional charge, held within you, towards a situation, person or memory in the past or present.

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Find Your Clarity & Confidence

Feel motivated and inspired to move forward with the clarity you discover and confidence you tap into.

Release Birth Trauma & Fear 

Using the Timeline technique, we can release the anger and emotional charge, held within you, towards a situation, person or memory during previous births

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Clinic or via Zoom


Ngaoi Natural Health Clinic

63 Ottawa Rd, Ngaio

Wellington 6035



(021) 132 7959

Work with Me



It was very relaxing and I felt like you listened well and guided me towards what I needed to be

focusing on.

It's really helpful and definitely worth trying if you haven't done it before.

Karen made me feel comfortable and she listened well in order to guide me towards what area of focus would be most helpful in my session.

I saw Karen on the recommendation of a friend, and wasn't sure what to expect. I had done hypnotherapy in the past for sleep and didn't experience amazing results.

Karen was amazing. I really had a breakthrough around relationships by clearing some old family stuff, which has meant I am back together with my partner and feeling more able to commit. A pretty huge benefit thanks Karen! - Wellington client



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I'm passionate about assisting women to feel their best during pregnancy and find calm and confidence in birth. I look at mind/body health and offer individualised wellness advice.

I also understand the overwhelming need you may have, to feel that you are doing all that you can to prepare during the months leading up to the birth of your baby and my Keep Calm & Hypnobirth sessions  or workshops can definitely help you!

The techniques are for any type of birth preparation, even if you are having an elective C-section or an unplanned one, these techniques will help you leading up to birth, during and  after. 

I'm increasingly having more clients coming to me to improve their experience on the 2nd and 3rd births which is great and they have gone on to have really positive experiences.

If you want to

  • Welcome your baby into this world with ease and grace, and as naturally as possible

  • Learn about oxygenating your uterine muscles

  • Learn hypnobirthing breathing techniques and practice visualisations

  • Have your worries about your pain threshold disappear

  • Decrease any birth trauma for your baby with these techniques

  • Hear about other births that have been positive and natural

  • Reduce your anxieties and fears for your baby

  • ​Discuss your concerns about becoming a mother

  • Share you fears about loosing it, not coping, or losing control

  • Use natural remedies and tools 

  • Feel knowledgeable, empowered and able to make informed choices

  • Find your inner strength to take what comes your way and trust yourself and your body to do what it innately and instantly knows what to do                 

  • -If all of this sounds good to you, then please get in touch!

Hypnobirthing sessions

During your session you will learn how to achieve maximum relaxation, comfort and relief during childbirth, using positive affirmations suggestions and visualisation to relax the body. 

  • Turn your fears into powerful affirmations

  • Learn how to maximise your state of relaxation for baby's benefit

  • Discuss the reasons for pain and how to reduce it

  • Discuss how your partner can help you during labour

  • Feel knowledgeable, empowered and able to make an informed choices

  • Learn how the phases of labour can be understood and prepared for effectively

  • Find your inner strength, and trust yourself and your body to do what it innately knows how to do

  • Gain understanding of the importance of MIND BODY CONNECTION

Still not sure? Here's what some others have had to say...

We welcomed a beautiful wee girl this morning after a short labour. Used hypnobirthing throughout and had my first drug free

and third posterior birth! Thank you for the workshop, it gave me the tools to go into birth so confidently. - Lauren -

Being a first time mum, giving birth was full of unknowns. Karen worked with me, identifying my fears and anticipations

and turned them into positive affirmations for me. - Wellington mama -




I’m a firm believer in using homeopathy for maintaining personal and family health, both physically and emotionally. Homeopathic remedies are gentle and non toxic, affordable and safe for pregnant women, infants and everyone in between!

They are derived from natural substances and the particular way they are dispensed makes homeopathy quite unique. They work quickly and efficiently, and can assist you with both physical and emotional symptoms throughout your life, or during pregnancy and labour.

Be sure that you read the label and use as directed for best results.

For mama

We start with an inital 60 minute consultation. During this session we'll discuss your needs and work out a homeopathic health and wellbeing plan.

Follow-up sessions are 45 minutes long and are used to discuss any changes to your situation or symptoms. 

Hello baby (Mama & baby)

We start with an initial 1 hour and 30 minute consultation. During this session we'll discuss a range of topics such as, breast feeding, nutrition, healing after birth, sleeping (you and your baby), baby blues, dealing with anxiety, stress or overwhelm.

Follow-up sessions are 45 minutes long and are used to discuss any concerns you have noticed. We can also make adjustments based on any changes to you or your baby's wellbeing.

For your child

We start with an inital 45 minute consultation. During this session we'll discuss your child's needs and work out a homeopathic health and wellbeing plan for them.

Follow-up sessions are 30 minutes long and are used to discuss any changes you have noticed. We can also make adjustments based on how your child is responding to the plan and as they grow and develop.

For Common Family Complaints

You will learn how to prescribe homeopathic remedies for you and your family, quickly and confidently when the need arises. Bee stings, bruises, chicken pox, fevers, sore throats and diarrhoea are all covered, just to name a few!  

Find out more about Arnica and other great homeopathic remedies by booking now.


Body freedom plan

This plan helps you manage your weight and those unhealthy food cravings, feel healthier and more engergised. The goal of the plan is to reset and restore your metabolic balance so that you can start your journey to feeling great. 


I incorporate a combination of homeopathic remedies and a detoxing food plan. It may sound simple, but it really works, I've done it myself!


But before jumping in, I offer a free information consult to check it out if it's right for you. Then we work together to build an individualised plan, and you are on your way.

It's important to note that individual results may vary, and long-term weight management takes time and effort – however you're worth it!

What you receive

  • An initial consult to get you started (a time to for your plan and ask your questions)

  • Cura Romana Essential Spray

  • A manual to walk you through your BODY FREEDOM PLAN

  • Resources – daily log so you and I can keep daily record of your weight, food, bowel movements and mood

  • Daily coaching via email, google docs, txts and calls during the first 23 days (Stage 1 – Initiation).

  • Follow-up consultation (face to face or skype) after Stage 1, in preparation for Stage 2

  • Weekly coaching for the second 21 days (Stage 2 – Consolidation)

  • Identify food sensitivites

  • Homeopathic remedies for detox symptoms (upon request)

  • Extra information, useful resources and links, food log and meal planner plus more.

  • Enjoy body freedom!

Why start the BODY FREEDOM PLAN?

  • Detox your body

  • Lose unwanted weight

  • Gain control of your eating habits

  • Improve your health

  • Create a better ralationship with your food

  • Receive daily coaching to motivate you Enjoy body freedom!

How does it work?

The BODY FREEDOM PLAN uses Lesley Kenton's Cura Romana Essential Spray. The goal of the diet is to reset and restore your metabolic balance. The spray and food plan help to manage your food cravings, which helps you manage your weight.


By not introducing new fat into your diet for 21 days, these stored fat cells are burned up and show immediate results of weight loss around your face, tummy and hips – whoohoo!

Find out more about how homeopathic HCG works, and always read the label and use as directed.

Stage one – First 21 + 2 days

First up, you get to indulge for two days as these are your "loading" days. You are guided through a menu of healthy foods that include a good dose of carbs and good fats.


You then follow this up with 21 days, eating a controlled number of calories and taking four sprays of Cura Romana Essential spray (homeopathic) a day.

It may sound impossible, but you experience little or no hunger – I can promise you that. If followed correctly, you almost forget to eat your bread stick or fruit because you don't feel the need to eat! 


During this stage you are breaking free of bad habits and you become more mindful and less impulsive with your food choices. It’s really very satisfying and provides a great boost for your self-confidence as you start to experience renewed wellness.

Stage two – Second 21 days

In the next 21 days you stop the spray, and you start to add in different food groups each week. This is especially beneficial if you suspect some foods give you problems. Starting with a clean slate, it’s easier to work out if it’s grains, dairy, sugar, coffee etc that are the cause of your negitive symptoms.

It can be hard being accountable for sticking to the plan on your own, so I'm there to coach you through it. You will alsao receive a manual and a daily log, and I'm always there to check in with along the way.

Menu (sneak peak)

The menu is for the first 21 days (after the two guided "loading" days). It includes: 

  • Hot/cold water with lemon juice and apple vinegar

  • Fruit

  • Meat and vegetables

  • Bread sticks

  • Herbal tea

  • Water

Still not sure? Here's what some others have had to say...


Thank you Karen for making the Body Freedom Plan available to us. It’s a cost effective solution to weight management with excellent results.

Everyone who sees my husband and I have commented how good we look. The plan provided a healthy weight management guide and we did not suffer any energy “highs or lows” or severe cravings. We are delighted with what we achieved.

If anyone is considering a weight management programme, we highly recommend Karen Laverde’s The Body Freedom Plan.

The Body Freedom Plan has changed my life: the way I look at food, the way I eat, and I am more conscious of what I put into my body. I feel amazing – I feel lighter, more energetic, more focused and am back to the weight I was 10 years ago! The Body Freedom Plan is a gentle and healthy weight management answer. I’m so happy I did it and highly recommend it TO everyone. – Nicole from Wellington –

It’s so good to strip back all the processed food and sugar from your daily diet. It’s like reprogramming yourself. All of the changes that I made during the programme and the effects that they had, have been enduring. – J Scott, Scotland –

The information contained in this website, services or products is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment that can be provided by your own health practitioner, or any other registered health care professional. 

My purpose is serve as a mentor who helps you reach your own health and wellness goals through implementing incremental, positive, healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes.