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what is hypnotherapy

At Mind Body freedom we acknowledge the connection between mind and body and recognise the benefits of hypnotherapy as a powerful therapeutic tool for positive change. Hypnotherapy like meditation and mindfulness but with an intention.

hypnotherapy is scientific, neurological and it is put simple, it's positively changing your mindset and beliefs to your benefit.

Hypnotherapy is when the subconscious is accessed via guided visualisations and posiitve suggestions, while in a deep relaxed state. 

Brain waves changed from Beta to Alpha and the subconscious mind becomes more open and receptive to new ideas pd change. 

hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful and accessible tools for transformation and lasting change. 

How many sessions will I need?

After discussing your goals, the plan for the session and follow up will be created in partnership with your input. As we are all individuals and can respond differently to hypnosis. It can also depend on the changes you want to make. 

I offer 2-3 sessions.

can hypnotherapy help children and teens?

Yes! As long as long as they are old enough to sit for 10 minutes and focus their imagination, kids can benefit greatly from hypnotherapy. I use story telling and imagery they can relate to.


Why use hypnotherapy?

Some changes need to take place at a subconscious level, because this is where our automatic patterns, habits and responses are stored once learned or copied. It can be hard just using will power alone to change an entrenched habit or belief. It’s a lot easier to create a new belief straight into the sub conscious using hypnotherapy. It's a way to align your mind easily with your goals or new desired beliefs that you've gain clarity on while feeling completely relaxed!!

What does hypnotherapy feel like?

It feels relaxing and it should always leave you feeling empowered. You are usually sitting comfortably in a chair. You have your eyes closed but you are fully awake, alert and aware. You are able to move and talk easily (e.g. scratch your nose, or answer questions) and you can also come out of hypnotherapy any time you choose. Your imagination is engaged to follow the guided visualisations, positive suggestions and ideas while you are in a 'hypnotic state' of simply - deep relaxation. I, as the hypnotherapist, have no control over you during hypnotherapy - it is NOT stage hypnosis.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this website, services or products is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment that can be provided by your own health practitioner, or any other registered health care professional. 

My purpose is serve as a coach who helps you reach your own health and wellness goals through implementing incremental, positive, healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes.