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My consults are all about mind / body health for mamas seeking calm and confidence in birth. I am passionate about women gaining confidence, through having the knowledge and tools to ride through pregnancy and birth, as well as to heal after birth, with ease and enjoyment. I offer advice on health, hypnobirthing techniques, homeopathy, physical and emotional issues. I sell Bach flower essences and homeopathic remedies to assist throughout this time of transition.

I often sees babies for colic, reflux and feeding issues and sell a homeopathic baby kit that's very useful for families travelling with a newborn. I assist children with behavioral issues, allergies, eczema, night terrors and chicken pox... just to name a few!

In addition, I enjoy coaching clients through a detox and weight loss programme – The Body Freedom Plan. I also sell World Organics, a certified organic skin care range, for clients looking for affordable chemical free products for their families. 

I'm passionate about the mind and body connection, positive psychology, neuroscience, nutrition and women’s health.

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I understand how overwhelmed you may feel, and how you want to do all that you can to prepare in the months leading up to the birth of your baby. 

I can help. 

My journey using

As friends and family can attest, I’m passionate about using homeopathy for maintaining personal and family health both physically and emotionally.

I first began my homeopathic career with four years training at the Wellington College of Homeopathy, and have been prescribing homeopathy to clients, friends and family ever since. I am a current member of the New Zealand Council if Homeopaths


I had two amazing home births and attribute the experience and healing to using homeopathics throughout my pregnancy and birth and post partum. When my second child was born I used hypnobirthing breathing techniques which made a huge difference, and I had a pain free labour! I love talking to clients about the benefits of hypnobirthing breathing techniques.

As a mother of two (3 year old and 7 year old), I am very involved in the health of my family and I have used homeopathy on many occasions. I have treated my kids' colds, croup, conjunctivitis, chicken pox and fevers successfully with homeopathy with no emergency trips to A&E or repeat courses of antibiotics.