Learn how I experienced a calm, confident

labour and a pain free birth

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Breathe your way to a Pain Free Birth 

  • Do you have fears and anxieties around your pain threshold for labour and birth?

  • Are you worried that you will lose it completely and not cope with the pain?

  • Would you like to get rid of these limiting beliefs about birth and pain?

  • ​Do you want to birth as naturally as possible?

Fear is normal and you’re not alone, but it is possible to

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Breathe Your Way to a Pain Free Birth, to see how!

What is – Breathe Your Way to a Pain Free Birth?

This FREE resource was developed to help you begin your journey towards a calm and confident labour, and pain free birth. In it I share my personal story, and provide you with practical steps towards achieving confidence for yourself.

What can it do for you?

Knowing this technique for a pain free birth enables you to feel ready and empowered. It will provide you the inner strength to cope with whatever comes your way. This technique will assist you in trusting your mind and body to do what it innately and instinctively knows how to do.

I know what you are going through

I understand how fear can creep in, during the months leading up to your birth. And, I too was searching for natural and effective ways to cope with my anxiety around pain.

I used the exact technique that I'm sharing with you, during the labour and birth of my second child, and was pain free.

It's worked for many others

My clients have had labours and birth experiences they never thought they were capable of, using this technique. 

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Breathe Your Way to a Pain Free Birth