Four fabulous women will be your hosts and speakers for our Empowered birth & vitality event in September. Here's a bit more about them.

Karen Laverde

Karen’s consults are all about mind / body health for mamas seeking calm and confidence in birth.

Karen is passionate about women gaining confidence, through having the knowledge and tools, to ride through pregnancy and birth, as well as to heal after birth, with ease and enjoyment.

Karen offers health advice, Bach Flower Essences, hypnobirthing techniques and homeopathic remedies for physical and emotional issues and she sells a small homeopathic birth kit with full instructions to assist throughout this transition.

Karen often sees babies for colic, reflux and feeding issues and sells a homeopathic baby kit which is very useful for families travelling with a newborn. Karen assists children with behavioral issues, allergies, eczema, night terrors and chicken pox… just to name a few!

In addition, Karen enjoys coaching clients through a detox and weight loss programme, The Body Freedom Plan, which comes with a homeopathic spray and she sells World Organics, a certified organic skin care range, for clients looking for affordable chemical free products for their families.

Karen is passionate about the mind and body connection, positive psychology, neuroscience, nutrition and women’s health.

Lisa Conroy

Lisa from Box of Chocolates takes a holistic approach to her services; offering uplifting 1:1 Empowerment Coaching sessions that promote a healthy, balanced and exciting look into all your lifestyle areas. 

Lisa enjoys supporting women through her inspiring and fun Wellness Retreats, Creative Art Therapy Workshops, Reiki Healing sessions and Aromatherapy pamper parties. 

At this event Lisa will provide stress busting techniques to bring more calm and mindfulness into your day, along with tips for increasing your energy with healthy daily habits including colour therapy. 

To find out more about Lisa’s events and services visit boxofchocolates.co.nz.

Vic Parsons

Vic Parsons is a mama and owner/director of Love Mamas, a post partum care service based in Wellington. She is a compassionate advocate for women drawing empowerment through the process of Motherhood.

Love Mamas supports women through the post-partum shift and beyond. Vic works in the home to provide emotional, physical and culinary support for families, freeing them up to spend time with their precious new additions.

Love Mamas have a holistic care approach, dedicated to honouring and nurturing women by supporting their needs within their home environment supporting mothers who have been ‘coping’ for long periods without respite. 

To find out more about Love Mamas visit lovemamas.com.

Rebecca Reedy

Rebecca specialises in massage for fertility, pregnancy and post birth recovery and teaches baby massage. Her practice is based at her home in Karori and she also visits clients in their homes. Home visits are particularly beneficial for women in the later stages of pregnancy and during post birth recovery.

Rebecca created Joy. wellbeing massage to help women feel more healthful and in charge of their wellbeing and to support families joyfully connect through nurturing touch.

She beautifully blends remedial and relaxation massage and works intuitively and with intention. Continuity of care, including affordable, bespoke self care ideas, is an important part of what she offers her clients.

To find out more about what Rebecca offers, visit joywellbeing.co.nz.