The sessions were comfortable and Karen is very easy to talk to, and she was great at getting my stressed child to talk, with a kind and caring approach.

I wish I had done this before! Karen has given my child some fantastic techniques to practice at home, and hopefully will be things she can go back to in times of need in the future.

Karen was great at explaining things at my daughter's level so she could understand exactly what she was helping her with. The techniques she gave my child were practical, age appropriate and very positive. Also the recordings Karen sent through after the session were a fantastic way to help getting my child to practice at home, and reinforce things between sessions.

This was a very positive experience, with a more positive and happy child afterwards. I would recommend going to see Karen if you have an overly anxious or worried, fearful child/teen. Wellington Mama of anxious teen that was my client

I really enjoyed Karen's timeline technique for diffusing my past anger. I was able to take a step back and look at each situation from a different angle. Since then, I've found myself instinctively trying to find positive angles to take away from triggering situations. Thank you Karen - Rebecca, Wellington client

The meditation was so soothing and and took me right where I needed to be which was fantastic

I think it's a great way to set your intentions and get focused and back into alignment again.  Karen is so soft and gentle but going to make you accountable as she wants you to succeed. She asked really good questions that you felt safe answering without feeling vulnerable, I felt really relaxed and happy, I love her energy.

Even though, due to the timing of my situation and I have a couple of months before getting started,  I already feel positive and know it's going to happen. Thanks Karen - Wellington client

It was very relaxing and I felt like you listened well and guided me towards what I needed to be focusing on.

It's really helpful and definitely worth trying if you haven't done it before.

Karen made me feel comfortable and she listened well in order to guide me towards what area of focus would be most helpful in my session.

I saw Karen on the recommendation of a friend, and wasn't sure what to expect. I had done hypnotherapy in the past for sleep and didn't experience amazing results.

Karen was amazing. I really had a breakthrough around relationships by clearing some old family stuff, which has meant I am back together with my partner and feeling more able to commit. A pretty huge benefit thanks Karen! - Wellington client

I enjoyed how calm and relaxed Karen made me feel. It made it very easy to let go of issues.

I highly recommend Karen and her services! As a first timer to hypnotherapy, Karen made me feel safe and cared for.

Karen's tips, techniques and support really helped me gain a new perspective on my life! I am still using some of these today!

Karen has a special gift that needs to be shared with the world! Her calm and serene nature made the whole experience a wonderful way to let go of old ways of thinking! Thank you x - Wellington client 

I had always shied away from hypnotherapy because I expected to relive traumatic experiences. But Karen's style is great and you don't do that at all. I came away with a deeper, wiser understanding of those experiences.

Karen's energy created a safe container and It isn't scary or painful, it is empowering - Client via zoom appointment

Karen is insightful and after talking with me for a short while was able to develop a hypnotherapy script and session that addressed all of the goals I wanted to focus on. I left the sessions feeling very centered, focused and confident about my next steps towards my goals. Recommended! - Catherine

What did you enjoy the most about your session? - Links to emotional themes and deeply relaxing

What would you say about Karen and her tips, techniques and support?  - Calm, at ease with the process, easy to respond too

Please sum up your experience and how this assisted you and your situation - Awareness of blocks emotionally and mentally - Client via zoom appoinment 


We welcomed a beautiful wee girl this morning after a short labour. Used hypnobirthing throughout and had my first drug free and third posterior birth! Thank you for the workshop, it gave me the tools to go into birth so confidently. – Lauren –

Being a first time mum, giving birth was full of unknowns. Karen worked with me, identifying my fears and anticipations and turned them into positive affirmations for me. – Wellington mama –

My experience with Karen and her hypnobirthing techniques, empowered me to be able to birth the way I wanted, committing to a drug free birth - where possible, (unknowns) and start my birth plan staying at home. Baby came within four hours, in the comfort of our lounge, and was an amazing experience. The breathing gave me focus, and direction throughout my quick labour. If we have more children, I will definitely work with Karen again. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. – Ann –

The course was so worth it. Karen’s teachings, gave me the confidence to have a natural birth at home. Something I thought I’d never do in my wildest dreams, but the best thing I’ve ever done. Thank you Karen. – Emma –

For my first child I wanted a natural birth but ended up having an emergency cesarean. I'm so grateful for Karen's advice and workshop as without her help I'm sure I would have needed another cesarean, but I'm proud to have achieved a VBAC and now have a healthy baby boy. 

I especially found her grounding technique really helpful to help calm me and my husband as we were starting the labour process. To manage the labour pains her breathing and visualisation technique was amazing. I also took her homeopathy remedies and Bach flower remedies before, during and after birth to assist me through the process physically and emotionally. I highly recommend Karen to help you with your birth, you won't regret getting her help and her hypnobirthing expertise. The skills you learn will help in all areas of life, not just the birth, but also with your general well being and with parenting. – Mereana –

Can I be honest mummas? I've been scared this week... #39weeksprego😳 Knowing at any moment my labour journey could start has taken my #Igotthis vibe to #imnotready... 😟 Thankfully, I took a @karenllaverde hypnobirthing class a few months ago that has made this pregnancy so much better than the last. I had a helpful reminder from my midwife of why the tools from these classes are so beneficial. You can read about my first birth journey and how I've gone from scared to calm in the blog post below 👇🏼 And if you're fearing your own birth journey, I highly recommend calm birth classes. Our wonderful partner @karenllaverde - Mind Body Freedom provides half day workshops where you'll learn the basics you need to give you the right state of mind to bring your perfect little bundle into the world. ❤️ Plus you get a discount on Karen's Keep Calm & Hypnobirth Workshop with Wellington's Coolest Little Coupon Book. 🙌 – for mums blog – 

I found the ante natal consultation with Karen really helpful. Karen was very thorough and allowed me to express how I was feeling in a friendly and welcoming environment. The remedies that she prescribed for me were amazing! I had never used homeopathic remedies before seeing Karen and was eager to use them during my first labor experience. I was surprised when I delivered naturally without any medications, only the use of Karen's remedies, amazing! I also used her remedies during the post natal period and found them very helpful during this time. They were clearly labeled and easy to use. I would definitely recommend a consultation with Karen, she is very dedicated and really looks after her clients. Thanks Karen! – Jarnah –

During labour my midwife commented that I was very graceful and quiet...and a couple of minutes later when she checked my progress couldn’t believe that I was 9cm dilated! – Joanne –

Matt was moving the car at the time and she was going to break my waters but was a little anxious that I might kick off without him there! 

She called me ‘silent and deadly’ because outwardly it looked like nothing was happening but inwardly I was breathing through contractions and hearing the hypnobirthing sound tracks I had been listening to for months float around in my head. Don’t get me wrong, my labour wasn’t all fluffy bunnies, Mila’s heart rate went scary high for a while and then dropped really low, at the end I was exhausted and I had a moment of I can’t do this anymore, I ended up in theatre to have the placenta removed...it was full on. But...because of what I learnt in the hypnobirthing workshops and courses I was able to keep myself calm and not let panic and stress take over. Even when I was being wheeled away to theatre, looking back to see Matt sitting wide eyed and perhaps a little scared, holding his brand new baby girl while I was being whisked away, I was able to stay calm and manage the anxiety that was threatening to take over. Because of the affirmations, guided visualisations and breathing techniques I kept myself in a state of mindful awareness, able to surrender myself to the care of the doctors, nurses and midwives so I could focus on simply just staying calm. So yes, I do believe hypnobirthing is a brilliant tool for labour. It gave me confidence in myself and my body. I felt educated about how my body goes into labour and had good knowledge of anatomy and what each stage looks like and I was able to work through any fears and anxieties before the big day so I could just focus on the present moment and breathing through it. – Beginneryogi blog, Tash –

Donna had an induction (for an abnormal ctg at 39+6) but it couldn't have gone better from my point of view.  

Very rapid labour & birth. Used a bit of gas & some homeopathy. Very successful breastfeeding too which was great for her after a tough time with first baby. Thanks heaps for your input- I'm sure it made a big difference. – Midwife –



Karen has been helping guide me and my family using Homeopathy. She is fantastic, supportive and such a great help. We have had great success with Karen’s guidance. Thank you Karen! – Kendall –

I decided to see Karen for my monthly PMS, one of my symptoms was severe lower back pain. Karen helped me understand the cause of my PMS and the underlying reasons to my behavior change each month. After leaving my first session I felt weight off my shoulders and a sense of clarity, 3 weeks of taking the Bach flowers prescribed to me helped significantly. My back pain disappeared and I noticed I was less stress then usual. This was a successful outcome without me noticing until my second session with Karen.  Thanks Karen for your time and professional advice, your written instructions on how to use the Bach flowers have been great to refer back to. I have recommended Karen to friends and family and will continue to do so. – Deepti –

I bought the birth kit and I use a lot of the remedies during and especially after with healing.Try it, so relaxing and made me feel supported on a different level. Karen is so knowledgeable, I would recommend a session with her and buy her birth kit!  Thank you Karen! - Jill-



What my recent workshop attendees said about my course for those thinking about hypnobirthing:

No matter what birthing style you are planning/needing these techniques give you the best chance of a positive outcome try it! 

I’m actually excited about birth now.

Karen has many tools for reducing pain. 

I recommend it, I feel so much more prepared now. 

It’s three worthy hours! 

It’s a very good idea to prepare this way, Karen is amazing. 

I feel confident calm and ready. I believe my body can do it – I can do it.

I found it most useful, facing my fears and turning them around.

From a partner 

Learning and understanding how to support, help, refocus and breath…excited to help Lauren through this. 

Learning specific information about my role as the partner during birth was great.  I also got a better understanding of the process my wife will go through.

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